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At HERON Inspection, we provide our clients with the objective information they need to make the most out of their real estate investment.
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Our services

Buyer Inspections

Detailed inspection & written report, giving homebuyers a full picture of the state of their potential home as they work through the negotiation process

Seller Pre-Listing Inspections

A detailed & written inspection, helping homeowners preparing to sell their homes streamline the selling process

Construction Consulting & Estimating

Professional estimating and project development services for clients interested in understanding remodel and repair costs for their current or prospective home

How We Work

Our Team

Arn Lundquist

Owner, Inspector
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Arn has years of construction experience under his belt so he is quite experienced with all types of properties. Additionally, his delivery of information to the client and agent is spot on. He is quick, thorough and even-keeled when describing his findings.

Kathe Trost ─ Real Estate Agent | Windermere

I recommended Arn to my clients because of his background in construction.  He completed his inspections professionally and thoroughly.  His reports are easy to understand and comprehensive.  He knows what is a real issue and what is not and presents them accordingly and in a way the client understands.  I would use Arn to inspect my own home.

Fritz Nichols ─ Broker & Owner | Windermere

"A house is just a building, a home is yours." - Arn