Arn Lundquist, Inspector

I’m here to learn what you need from your home and to see if this house can give you what you want. If you want to move in and be work free, enjoying all your home has to offer, let’s be sure it’s in top shape. If you want to take on the challenges and rewards of a remodel, let’s check the bones and be sure this house has what it takes to become your home.
After 25 years of building, remodeling and managing the construction of houses, I have learned that a house is more than just a building, it is where we make our home.  Our job at HERON Inspection is to see a house in all its parts and pieces the best we can and inform you how you can navigate challenges that may arise.  We pride ourselves on our calm, professional and thorough inspection process, always performed with the eye of a builder.
At HERON Inspection, we’re here to be your advocate, using our expertise to help you buy a home your proud of. We are looking forward to being an enthusiastic and educational member of your real estate team!
When he’s not inspecting houses, you can find Arn surfing on the beach, out fishing in the ocean or cooking a delicious seafood meal for his lovely wife.